Friday, April 20, 2012

Say Cheese

Say Cheese and some kids are right on it but most will give you a strained face that's not so attractive lol. Kids know when you want them to do something and they feel the tension of your expectations. I deal with this all the time when shooting and get asked by parents, "don't you get frustrated". Over the years I have really stuck to the philosophy kids are kids they have good days and they have bad and each and every expression is adorable in it's own right. Everyone has expectations for their child and the perfect smile, even for me I always have this great idea of what I plan to shoot or capture all planned out but realistically...... it's not up to us. Some of the cutest pictures are the ones were there goofing around, pouting or plain just being them. I can be the most inpatient person in the world but when it comes to shooting I have limitless patience the best thing you can ever do is stay calm and wait it out. When kids are put on the spot they freeze or rebel but when they can play and just relax it's amazing what they will do!  ;)

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