Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A little bit of what I love | Angela Inram | Photographer

I always try to get to know my clients, find things that ring out their personality or that they may enjoy so that I can relate and personalize my sessions. One day I had a client turn to me and say now it's my turn to quiz you and we both started laughing. Hey I am an open book but here is a few of my favorite things.

Everything about it and all it's faces

Bare-feet so free

The smell, the color favorite season hands down


All day, any day 

The sound the smell just unreal

 The great outdoor and camping nothing better

The eyes have it all 

If only I could have met her 

Green so happy

Sun-glass obsession ok maybe scarves to

Gimmy Gimmy

Red Hair Oh Ya!


High heels every women's secret weapon instant feel sexy

Collect them

 All the old guess adds love them one day I will do a whole series around this

Nothing beats the original form of sexy

Yes please

 Each and every day Laugh no matter what it lightens everything

So beautiful refreshing and invokes such a feeling of awe and coziness

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