Tuesday, October 1, 2013

One Year With My Love | Angela Ingram | Photographer

2012 was a interesting year for me, a lot happened in a short amount of time that changed my life forever but the one thing I hadn't counted on was meeting Matthew; I was just going with the flow, taking nothing to heart, no real plan or direction but finding myself. I met Matthew at a ball tourney near Stony on July 13th 2012 and we quickly became inseparable never realizing where this new relationship was going to take us. Over the past year we have taught each other, shared new worlds and new ideas and even helped each other to grow and rethink. Together we rediscovered who we were and what we wanted. We shared our ups and downs, our laughs and tears. We have fought wills many of times, because that is what 2 stubborn know it all's do, but at the end of the day we are stronger for it all. Matt has supported me and encouraged me so much in my life and my business and I am so thankful for that every day. It has been a crazy fun year of rediscovering life and ourselves, but the coolest part, the part that get's us both is that each day we stare at each other and realize we have so much more to give, learn and are more in love then the day before.

Our One Year day

Car wash cause there is nothing that make that man smile more, followed by a trip to St. Albert's Farmers Market my favorite thing to do!

Yes we our Food Truck addicts

Some chillin with the dogs in the sun while they enjoy their new bones from the farmers market

Our Photo's done by Kristen Harder Photography
so amazing was a wonderful experience

A surprise dinner to the Melting Pot LOVED

Dressy and Classy to Chilled and Goofy in 5 min's flat

Keep Smiling AJ

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