Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2012 in a Large Nut Shell

Normally I do a post to end the year and then one to start the new year. This past year was a very different year for me and I am really unsure where it went. As I reflect on the past year I realize I have excelled in things I set out to do and likewise have left others to the waste side. I started 2012 off with some personal stumbles followed by some awesome gifts to help push my business to new heights. I had the privilege of photographing my cousins wedding which was just amazing and personal to me. I was on a roll with high hopes for a fresh start in a fresh year, when I lost my father suddenly. My world flipped upside down and now I truly understand the feeling of being lost. Like anyone would do I carried on I have had my struggles there is many days the world just stops and I struggle to understand the great purpose of it all. I have found relief and great joy in my photography and feel my dad flows strong through me with each creative pursuit but it is a roller coaster when dealing with thoughts and emotions. I decided that I was going to change so much this past year taking the bull by the horns, reach new heights and well I would love to say I kept that high energy all year but let's face it I'm human and I am slowly realizing it's ok to have good and bad days. 

All in all when I reflect I think it went pretty good I met some incredible people, tried some new things shared a lot of laughs and made some great memories. There is many moments I look back on that make me Smile and many photo's of clients that bring me Joy.

Each and everyday I am thankful for my family especially my mother who has been my rock, my friend and my reminder that everything is possible, my friends the new and the old who each have something different to offer and my fan's, clients and supporters. All that I overcame and accomplished this past year would have never been possible with out all of you.

I am excited to see all that 2013 brings personally and for AJ Photography and my only promise to myself is to cherish, enjoy and find the silver lining in it all.

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