Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day

I have always had mixed feelings when it comes to Valentines Day it can be so commercial but I choose to look at it as a day for reflecting on those you love and that love you. I don't believe in all the commercial standards of what you should do or buy (though I do like presents come on lol). I think you should spend it with those you love and do something that reminds you of the joy in loving those around you. I don't understand the point in being sad on Valentines Day, someone some where loves you and you love them, remember that always. And if that's not enough then for Valentines Day love yourself  hot bath, new outfit, chocolate treat guilt free (Mmmm maybe I want to be single and just love me lol). When doing gifts and spending time together make it count put thought and meaning behind it, and above all have fun. I hope everyone had a incredible VDay.

For Valentines Day I decided since we both love cooking and being in the kitchen........
Homemade pizzas were the way to go add a glass of wine and some personal gifts and it was a wonderful night followed with some movie and comfy pants time.

 This is made with a cauliflower crust crazy so yummy

 Homemade mini pecan pies Mmmmmmm

Idea from pinterest had lots of fun making it

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