Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Even the seasoned get nervous

You would think after all this time I wouldn't get nervous, wrong. When it comes to wedding consults I always get nervous. I can sell anybody just about anything but when your selling yourself, your work, when your the product line the game changes and the consult is only the writing on the outside of the box. Same goes for weddings themselves, I always get nervous the night before doesn't matter how many I've done or how prepared I am each one is so different, now comes the time to see if the box you bought has anything good inside. 

I was told a long time ago when your passionate about what your aiming to achieve it will always give you that feeling. You realize and know each one is unique and strive to make it the best, that feeling should never go away. 
You never want to here a photographer say oh I got this, 
done it a hundred times.

 The consult is the box, my drive and passion the day of the product and the photo's the results. It puts a whole different perspective on it. The last thing I want is to be a generic product.


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