Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Out of shape!!!

Anyone who has known me over the years, has watched me go up and down in weight. With doing photography being in shape is important and it can take it's toll if your not. I was really starting to notice how out of shape I was when doing my last wedding as well as my energy and drive was low. For me it's not just about weight, but hey who doesn't want to look good, for me it's about being full of energy, healthy and in shape. I like knowing at the end of a shoot or wedding I gave it my all full tilt.

"I don't just want to walk I want to bounce!"

I am back at it again and it is truly harder every time you stop and start again but I'm determined. I'm eating healthy, watching my calories and working out at least 5 times a week. Every morning otherwise it won't get done.Today I did ZWOW#9 I love that girl.

Just got to get them on that's' the first step


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